Sunday, January 20, 2008

Skull Study Redux

After sticking myself with a knife last night while cutting an avocado for dinner, I feel less inclined to think about my skeleton today. You know that woozy feeling you get right after you do some sort of injury to yourself, well I'm a big loser and I have to lie down or else I'll faint. Its funny because I'm constantly surrounded by information about what lies under all this tissue, and yet the moment I stick myself and gush blood, all that rational knowledge goes out the window with dizzy pronouncements of "but I'm bleeding!" Comical yes, appropriate for my nutsy necrophiliac work, probably not. Yet, still I feel inclined to make a study of what I'm most afraid of and seduced by daily with heaps of anatomy books and models. Mostly, it feels a cartoon to me. Thank goodness for that.

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