Saturday, May 06, 2006


Record of dinner: Chicken Lentil Soup with red wine. Birthday cake from a few days ago. Charming.

Pile for You!

This is Pile with Race Horses. Someone I know once told me that the saddest thing he ever saw was a dead horse. Or maybe it was a dying dog? I can't quite remember.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Repetition and Juxtaposition

I am fascinated by food and Dürer's Large Turf. These photo contributions may betray a myopic eye, but no matter. I tend to want to make the small things monumental, sometimes iconic.

What kind of structure do painters normally lay on their photographic pursuits? I want to create a visual dictionary for my work and I feel that having a time stamp upon my interactions with this site will create a reason for continuing to ask more of my own visuality and archive sensibility. I have created a diaristic "history of my visual consciousness" in grad school, some of which will probably reappear here. I'm more interested in covering new ground in painting and drawing through a reinvestment in the daily and its appearances.

I have been making drawings about the fantastic with reference to the mundane and the bodily. My last post is an example of the type of riffs on classical still life which have been my bread and butter for the better part of a year.

Hello? Is it me you are looking for?

I need some sort of structure for my studio practice. Here is my opening contribution. These are some work photos from my most recently completed drawing. Finished photos to come.