Sunday, November 30, 2008

Another Source Material Post

Sometimes I feel like I'm curating my own collection of ephemera, clippings, and findings in order to make my work. These objects are antique photographs collected from various antique stores and/or online. I've been delighted by photographs dating back at least 50 years, and I'm especially enchanted by arcade cards, photographs mass produced that one used to be able to purchase for cheap at a penny arcade. Frequently you find arcade cards that are pictures of stars and starlets, pinups, or western movie actors. I've been charmed by the images and have been making inexact copies as a kind of structural practice for some time. I thought it was time to become invested in portraiture, this was one avenue. As you may have already noticed, I'm also charmed by portrait miniature. Hope you are enjoying this chilly Sunday afternoon.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Currently, In the Studio

I have a still life set up for my current under-drawing and I thought it would be a nice time for a studio visit via digital camera. All the foods are fake, which I love, they give off a plastic glow that cannot be replicated with actual food. Also, witness my usage of the classical studio appendage: the easel. I tried and tried not to, but my wrist finally gave out, or gave in. So now I see why its so nice to work on a tilt. The drafting table just couldn't quite do it for me. Also, the studio picture-visit was one of my favorite activities/assignments in grad school. Dennis Congdon had this great daily picture, daily drawing, daily sentence assignment, but he also had a "photograph your studio" assignment. I find this kind of re-viewing of one's work space from time to time very helpful.