Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's So Nice to Have You Back Where You Belong

It is fun to be a girl painting intimate little pin-ups. And giving them silly broadway show song titles. I like strings and phrases that don't quite match up or are a smidge sloppy. Just a few more dribbles from the studio I guess, but appealing nontheless. I have a few more in the pipeline, and some piano glamour shots too.. See you soon my dear blog!

But Soft

This one cuts a sharp silhoette. Impressive stamina, these ladies. Well, just one more for you today. But expect more narrative drawings shortly. Again, the idea of daily, for me, might be a bit of a stretch, but every now and again, I'm gonna pop a few things right up here and wash them right out of my hair.

I'm doing swell

I was reviewing some of the earlier posts on these ladies, thinking about starting a blog (err.. a while ago) and what it means, perhaps the daily practice of something.. and how I struggle with the idea of daily. I recently reread Gerhard Richter's The Daily Practice of Painting and I'm still no closer to the ideal of daily-ness as a painter, except in terms of frivolity. These almost silly little drawings keep me moving. I'm making a pile of Marilyn Monroes right now, and I think the girls keep my hands moving, keep me from being overwhelmed by detail and miniature. And also overwhelmed by the idea of the death of painting, in whatever form I choose to encounter it. I think I choose labor as an end run around the death of analog-making question, but again, most of it is just failure of the hand stuff. I love the way these things are rough and how that somehow bolsters a sense of nostalgia even when I'm most concerned with appropriation and color.

Sweetie. Darling.

Here she is, girl number two. I think she's an alternate. And a bag lady. I'm not sure anybody is going to want her. The paper she's on is dirty. Oh well. She's kind of funny too.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

I Got My Own

Its been a while. I had a few lovely comissions. Here are some of the results. I think that working from Sears catalog images, however loosely, has really given me something to chew on. I wonder what is going to happen when this reaches the larger drawings.