Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Copied from a lovely Sottobosco

From Cornelis De Heem's "Vegetables and Fruit Before a Garden Balustrade," although I managed to elide all that make this a beautiful sottobosco picture, including the grey-pinkish night(?) sky, the balustrade, the small structure in the distance in what looks like a large field, and the romance of the trees creeping over the protected garden wall. Sottobosco (forest still life) is one of my new favorite types of still life.. even supplanting the sumptuous or pronk still life. (I'm currently reading "The Magic of Things: Still Life Painting 1500-1800" published by Frankfurt's Städel Museum.) My copies are always rough and somewhat ham-fisted, I like the speed of these things.. I hope that the awkwardness translates into the slower copies in the paintings. Certainly the elision of much in the ground that makes this picture special is a comedic error born of a certain myopia I'm trying to unlearn.

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Kirstin said...

But let me not leave out, Cornelis is in fact the son of Jan Davidsz. de Heem and also his pupil... hence the obvious following of his "sumptuous" still life style. I'm just saying, sottobosco is such a pleasant discovery for me in ADDITION to pronk!