Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Vanities

These are images of the painting I put up the other day, shot properly by my photographer friend Stewart, from Waltham. My photographs are pitiful next to his!

Now, much sad stuff has been said about the Waltham Rose Art Museum at Brandeis in the past few days, I just wanted to remind you all there is a thriving artists community just a few minutes drive from that wonderful museum. Stewart Woodward is a member of that community and a wonderful digital photographer who graduated from CDIA, which is affiliated with Boston University and also in Waltham! Ok, that's just my Waltham pitch for the day - it is sad to see the town where I paint and work in the news in such a way, and even sadder to see a University undervalue its museum.

Hope you all have better news from your cities and towns about your universities, museums, non-profits, and arts institutions.

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