Monday, January 05, 2009


Edward Winkleman just talked about new directions in the art world and art-making and his post rung really true to me... especially the section where he describes developing trends in singular artist's taxonomies as a combination of strategies of accumulation and cataloging. To quote from his post:

"How this seems relevant to artists not working in collectives or using collaboration as a medium is perhaps best illustrated by looking at two ongoing trends in art making that seem to be converging. One is what I'll call the accumulation (connect a thread through Yayoi Kusama, Tara Donovan, and Daniel Zeller to name but a few) and cataloging processes (connect a thread through Mark Lombardi, Jennifer Dalton, and Danica Phelps, again, to name but a few) trend. What these processes have in common is an approach to organizing vasts amount of information, seemingly the greatest mental challenge of our time...... Not to be confused with installation or scatter art, this effort is a single wholly connected object, nor architecture or sculpture unto itself, but a painting in which the artist confines his ambition to a singular composition."

Gathering and organizing large amounts of information in 2-dimensional art seems to be something of a trend. I'm grateful for the insight.

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