Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Home as Still Life and Curation

Over our fireplace I have a collection of green depression glass mixed in with some of my favorite artworks and gifts. The larger lush green oil painting adjacent to the day of the dead figurines is a Wendy Edwards work. The figurines and the little antler next to our antique clock come from Amanda Lechner, and the gorgeous little print comes from Asa Muir-Harmony. The lovely tulip prints in the rear are street finds from Amsterdam.


Loren said...

I am just loving everything green right now and your green depression glass is making me green with envy! :)


Kirstin said...

Hey Loren! Thanks so much! Its totally my favorite collection, besides the art that has been given to me! How are you and the pugs?

Loren said...

The pugs and I are fabulous. I can hear Tonka snoring from the living room. I am in the kitchen!