Tuesday, February 19, 2008


This is my 100th blog post. I'm kind of psyched. I don't think I've committed to anything else for quite this long. Everything is usually shorter in duration. This is a delight. So for today, a Marilyn Monroe impersonator. I guess faking it is similar to just showing up. Something about that rings true for drawing, painting, and blogging. Perhaps teaching and career-making as well! More to follow!


roy said...

Happy 100th post.

I've been subscribed to your blog through Bloglines for some time now and have enjoyed viewing your posts.

We met a couple years ago at an open house at Waltham Mills I think. I posted This picture.

I hope you keep at it. Thanks for posting.


Jon said...

Many combolations Elizagerth!

Kirstin said...

Roy! Thank you very much! Yes I remember meeting you.. and I hope you don't mind... I did borrow your fantastic photograph! It is just stunning! It has been my desktop for the past year, my students are just floored by it.. though my studio has changed around a bit.. I like your version better!

Jon! Thank you!