Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Sketchbook Blues and Losing my Head

On my reading list for the summer is a book called "Losing our Heads: Beheadings in Literature and Culture." Though I seem to be adding more shoulders in my sketchbooks and paintings, I don't know what that is about.. plaster casts or statuary maybe? I've been looking at painting/beheading for quite a while, as a form of self-portraiture. And then I just recently watched Simon Schama's Power of Art on PBS dealing with the masterworks of Caravaggio, and was reminded of the murderer artist seeking redemption by inserting self portraiture that was less than flattering into his depictions of martyrs and saints. I also just recently found this beheadings in art website through the Decapitation wiki (sigh, I know using wikipedia is dicey... so sue me). More to chew on. I keep pulling on the skin around my neck.

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