Saturday, April 07, 2007

Alas Poor Baby Skull

Another 3" long x 2" wide miniature, this time of my plastic skull. I was gonna give her a tiara, but maybe that's tomorrow's baby. I'm working away on some larger drawings, so just little driblets right now. But it is nice to be playing with oil paint. Its been so long since I touched oil and didn't get sick. I've been careful with what I use and how long, and it seems that the smaller the paintings and the shorter the sessions, the more likely I am to not feel ill, get headaches etc. Oh and macabe or depressive subject matter doesn't hurt! To fully ivestigate cliche in all its forms, to go where all men have gone before, that is my charge. And maybe perhaps to vomit in the process, to expell cliche and to question it. But some of this study stuff looks pretty tame, I dunno. I just get involved in the lushness and luxuriating of it all. The brash luxury of making tiny tame little paintings.

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