Thursday, July 13, 2006

New Drawings

I just started a series of drawings. You shall see more of these in the next couple of days. I'm using the trappings of 1940s era clothing to signify optimism and solidity. Why is it that wartime women always look heavier? More literaly present? Willing to take up space and wear more practical dresses? I have paired these women with one of my old favorites, a support of craft paper or scrapbooking paper. I am tempted to resort again to the language of stickers and gel pens, but I'm trying to hold myself back. I like that the color palette for the models stands in front of the bright pop of the ground. It is almost as if their more conservative palette and styling could stand in front of plaid or paisley in astrobrights. Well, enjoy. This is my return to the blog. My return to steady work. I got bogged down in preparing egg tempera surfaces and pigments, which I have yet to use... sigh.

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