Saturday, July 15, 2006

Miss Lollipop

This drawing reminds me of one of John Weiners' summertime poems fantasizing about Miss Lollipop. She was so wicked and alluring in a sweet and sweaty way. I believe the poems are actually in a journal from 1959 that Weiners published late in his life under the title 707 Scott Street.

The flower paper is supposed to be presented in a lozenge form (diamond) but I cannot figure out how to scan it that way. The diamond shape doesn't quite fit on the flatbed and I have yet to buy my fancypants Adobe Photoshop program for the Mac which would help me flip it to full lozenge power. Sigh, too much complaining and not enough loafing.
I like the slowness and familiarity of summer at home on a lawn chair.

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