Thursday, July 13, 2006

In Sweet Fragrant Meadows of Dawn and Dew

One more for today. A second sweater girl, with a nod to 40s Sears Roebuck catalog fashion (oddly related to German fashions as well). I guess I'm collecting the greatest generation and making them into a flip book. I have this tendency to create an archive of images to use for later. Maybe this is what this blog will be for. I got kinda stuck right after I started, I think I was afraid of the permanency of the web. Of putting out these drips and drabs of myself over and above a kind of packaged ideal. But maybe these little driblets and throw away ideas are much more interesting than the work itself, the total package. I dunno, but I'm still going slightly incognito. I'm still slightly embarassed by my work and my dumb photos.

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